Moving Guide

Moving Guide



Get organised and ready ahead of completion day with this handy guide and checklist.

Packing Begin packing well in advance and don’t be tempted to take things you don’t need, moving is the perfect time to help the local charity shops and get rid of unwanted possessions. If you are taking a large amount of things with you, it could be useful to buy some removal boxes – alternatively you could try supermarkets or charity shops to see if they have any they are throwing away.

Removals Compare quotes from several removal firms. Check that they have adequate insurance and be clear on what the firm will do if anything gets damaged or lost, you’ll want to be sure that all your possessions are covered during the move.

Insurance Notify your insurance company of your move and make sure you are covered in your new property (once exchange of contracts has taken place) – even if you are renting you will need insurance.

Redirect your post Visit the post office and arrange for your post to be redirected to your new address (available for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months). You can also apply for Royal Mail redirection services online at

Meter readings Take the final readings of your gas/water/electricity meters. Take readings in both properties on the day of the move – if you are going into rented check they tally with your inventory report carried out by the estate agent. Additionally there are companies that offer an online change of address service free of charge who will contact providers try, or

Gas, Electricity, Water suppliers – Contact your relevant service providers and inform them of your move and also supply them with final readings, this saves any confusion with bills in the future.

Telephones/Broadband Arrange for your final telephone bill and notify the company of your change of address, check to see if you can transfer your current number to your new home. If you have an existing broadband contract, make sure you contact your provider with the details of your move as soon as possible so they can get started with the transition and have it set up at your new address quickly.

Timings – On the day of the move (completion) the selling agent will phone once they have had a call from their vendors solicitor to release keys, this normally happens around mid day. Be sure that you are ready to vacate if selling or ready with removals if moving in. Make sure you leave enough time for a quick vacuum and tidy for the new owner. Additionally make sure you know what time you will be able to access your new property if you are renting, confirm the time of the check out of your current home with your agent.

Prepare some essentials Save looking through endless boxes for that elusive tea bag and have a small box of essentials (tea, milk, toiletries, snacks, cutlery, bedding & keys) on hand for any emergencies. It’s worth making sure that any important contact details, such as the agent or removal company’s numbers are also easily available should you need them.


  • Landlord
  • Banks, Building Societies
  • Council Tax
  • Employer
  • Mobile Phone Companies
  • Car Insurance
  • TV licensing Authority
  • Doctor, Dentist, Optician
  • DVLA (Vehicle registration/Driving license)
  • Electoral Register
  • Inland Revenue
  • Any Subscriptions
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